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Module Outline

In addition to the standard lecture + seminar sessions outlined below, the module will also offer two voluntary workshops:

I: introduction to film terminology and film analysis

II: Making a video essay

Class activities:

Each week will consist of a lecture (delivered by a variety of colleagues from around the School) and a seminar (led by Douglas). Typically, in the seminar, students will be divided into small groups with each group allocated a thematic question or aspect of film style to consider in each of the films studied that week. Groups will be encouraged to present their findings using frame grabs and short clips to illustrate their ideas.


1. Introduction: What is European cinema? (Jules et Jim [Truffaut, 1962]) Seminar Preparation


2. Conflict and memory in Spanish cinema (Cría cuervos [Saura, 1976])

Seminar topics:

  • Children and the child's gaze
  • The questions of generations: old vs young, the Franco regime vs democracy
  • Point of view/focalization
  • Sound

Required reading:

  • Marsha Kinder, 'The Children of Franco in the New Spanish Cinema', Quarterly Review of Film and Video 8:2 (1983): 57-76.

3. Cinematic generations I: Italy (La Grande Bellezza [Sorrentino, 2013] plus intertexts e.g. La Dolce Vita [Fellini, 1960])

4. Cinematic generations II: Contemporary ‘silent’ films (The Artist [Hazanavicius, 2011], Blancanieves [Berger, 2012] Seminar Preparation Reading

Further viewing: Tabu [Gomes, 2012])

5. Space and Place I: The city (Juventude em Marcha [Costa, 2006), Alice [Martins, 2005], Arena, Rafa and Cerro Negro [Salaviza, 2009-2012])

6. Reading week

7. Space and Place II: Homelands (Gegen die Wand [Akin, 2004], Katzelmacher [Fassbinder, 1969], Die Fischerin vom Bodensee [Reinl, 1957])

8. Borders I: War (1864 [Bornedal, 2014], Krigen [Lindholm, 2015]

9. Borders II: Migration (Mediterranea [Carpignano, 2015], Rocco e i suoi fratelli [Visconti, 1960])

10. Conclusion: Generations in/of European cinema (Sils Maria [Assayas, 2014])

Katzelmacher bed

TabuCria Cuervos