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Memory and Transitional Justice in Argentina and Chile

Module Code: LN318
Module Name: Memory and Transitional Justice in Argentina and Chile
Module Coordinator: Dr Veronica Diaz Cerda
Term 1
Module Credits: 15

Module Description

How do societies heal the wounds caused by brutal state repression, violence and extensive human rights violations? How do they battle to search for truth, advocate for memory and seek justice? This module will approach these questions using the cases of Chile and Argentina through the combined lenses of Transitional Justice (TJ) and Memory studies. By linking these two fields, this course aims to explore the complex and multidimensional ways in which societies deal with trauma. Examples from the political (truth commissions, human rights trials) and cultural (literature, films) realms will be used to understand the many different responses to collective violence in South America.

Assessment method:

This module will be assessed through two individual written tasks: a project assignment (50%) and a final essay of 1750-2000 words (50%).

The seminars will be designed to allow students to practise and prepare for both assessments.