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Lectures and Seminars

Autumn Term 2017: Lectures take place on Wednesdays from 11-12 in S 0.28, and the seminars on Thursdays from 12-1 in R 0.14.


Please download/print the lecture handout each week and bring it with you. Specific preparation for the seminars is provided on the worksheets that can be downloaded below, and essential and further reading on each topic is recommended in the 'further reading' section of the module webpage. I have made sure that the core reading always focuses on articles that are available electronically and on books in the short loan collection. Seminar work will be based on the source booklet: this is available to download from the link below, and you should bring the relevant sources to each seminar (in hard copy or electronically). Please read through all sources in the weekly sections so that you can participate fully in our discussion.



Week 1. The Crowd: French Perspectives (lecture slides) (handout) (worksheet)

Week 2. Shadows of Revolution in Nineteenth-Century Paris

Week 2 worksheet (lecture handout) (lecture slides)

Week 3. Emile Zola and the Crowd (I): Strikes and socialism

Week 3 worksheet (lecture handout) (lecture slides) Listen again to the lecture here.

Week 4. Emile Zola and the Crowd (II): Mass Politics and Leadership

Week 4 worksheet (lecture handout) (lecture slides) Listen again to the lecture here.

Week 5. Crowd Pyschology and the fin-de-siècle

Week 5 worksheet (lecture handout) (lecture slides)

Week 6. Reading week

Week 7. The Crowd and the Stage: Le Quatorze juillet

Week 7 worksheet (lecture handout) (lecture slides)

Week 8. The Crowd and the Screen: La Marseillaise

Week 8 worksheet (lecture handout) (lecture slides) (seminar discussion worksheet) Listen again to the lecture here.

Week 9. Street Politics and the Left, 1918–45

Week 9 worksheet (lecture handout) (lecture slides)

Week 10. Street Politics and the Right, 1918–45

Week 10 worksheet (lecture handout) (lecture slides) Listen again to the lecture here.

Revision seminar

In the revision lecture hour (Wednesday 2 May, 11–12, S 0.28), I will give advice on revision and exam technique, and we’ll work with two sample commentary passages. In the revision seminar (Thursday 3 May, 12–1, R 0.14) we will have a broad thematic discussion around the areas listed in the 'themes for revision' document (see below) to prepare you for the exam essay questions. For your assigned theme, please note down a few points in answer to each question to start our discussion (you don’t need to take more than 20-30 minutes on this). When preparing your thoughts on the following questions, see if you can find a few illustrative examples from the sourcebook or your secondary reading. The sample questions are for your own reflection during personal revision.

Once we have discussed these themes (and when you have thought about the sample questions), you should be well prepared for the kinds of questions on the examination paper.

Themes for revision

Past paper 2011

Past paper 2012