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Media in France Long Assessed Essays



Assessed essays are designed to allow you to explore, in depth, an aspect of the module that particularly interests you and, for this reason, they have titles, rather than being framed as answers to questions, as with the non-assessed essays.

Whether you choose to do two 4000-5000 word essays or one essay and a 2-hour exam, YOU MUST NOT COVER THE SAME TOPIC IN ONE ELEMENT OF YOUR ASSESSED OR EXAMINED WORK THAT YOU HAVE ALREADY COVERED IN ANOTHER.

A list of approved titles is provided below. You may also devise your own title(s), but these MUST be approved by myself in the first instance.

For the regulations governing assessed essays, and the approval for individually devised titles, see here.


approved assessed essay titles:


1. The role of television in the consolidation of the Fifth Republic under de Gaulle

OR: The political instrumentalization of television under de Gaulle

OR: The media performances of Charles de Gaulle


2. The impact of economic pressures on news media in France since the 1980s

OR: Challenges to journalistic freedom in France since the 1990s


3. The media strategies of Nicolas Sarkozy


4. The challenges facing France's outward-facing news media policy since 2002.