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Bourdieu and The Media: Bibliography


It is useful in reading Bourdieu’s text to have a grasp of the shift that had taken place in France during the 1980s from a government-controlled to a market-driven audiovisual system. This can be found in:

R. Kuhn, The Media in France (1995), pp. 165-203 (or, in condensed form, in Kuhn, The Media in Contemporary France (2011), pp. 15-22)


Core text:

P. Bourdieu, Sur la télévision (1996)



The press dossier studied in class gives a sample of the public reception of Bourdieu’s text.


Some books specifically on Bourdieu’s thought that can be of help with Sur la télévision:

Benson, R. and Neveu, E. (eds), Bourdieu and the Journalistic Field (2004)

Bourdieu, Pierre, Contre-Feux (2008) [only pieces on the media are of direct relevance]

Chauviré, C and Fontaine, O., Le vocabulaire de Bourdieu (2003) [for glosses on some of the more technical terms used by Bourdieu]


Applications of Bourdieu’s thought on the media

Neveu, Erik, ‘L’espace des journalismes aujourd’hui’ (chapter 2 of Neveu, Sociologie du journalisme (2009) – tries to map out the space of contemporary journalism in France in a manner broadly inspired by Bourdieu’s ‘field theory’)

Champagne, P., ‘Le médiateur entre deux Monde. Transformation du champ médiatique et gestion du capital journalistique’, in Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales, March 2000, pp. 8-29 [an article by one of Bourdieu’s close collaborators on changes at the newspaper Le Monde]