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Media in France Coursework Essays


During this module you are required to hand in two coursework essays of up to 1500 words each, one per term. Please note that these are designed to provide 'formative' rather than 'summative' assessment - that is, they do not count towards the mark you receive for the module in your finals classification.

Essay 1
Deadline: Term 1, Week 10 (Friday 3pm at the latest)
(if you want your essay returned and marked before the end of term, please hand in by Thursday week 9 4 pm)

Choose from ONE of the following questions:

1. ‘Television did not just expand its audience during the 1960s: it also helped bring about a fundamental change in the nature of political communication’ (KUHN). Discuss with reference to General de Gaulle’s use of television.

2. ‘In Bourdieu’s view, individual journalists have little control over the content of television news.’ DISCUSS.

If you would like your marked essay returned to your home address, please attach a stamped addressed envelope (making sure the stamp is the correct one for the size of the envelope)

Essay 2

Deadlines: If you are doing questions 1 or 2, you should hand in your essay by MONDAY 17 FEBRUARY (WEEK 7)

If you are doing question 3, you should hand in your essay by THURSDAY 6 MARCH (WEEK 9), 3pm

Choose from ONE of the following questions:

1. ‘According to Poulet’s analyses in La Fin des Journaux, the internet, which appears to maximise access to information, also works to corrode the quality of that information.’ DISCUSS.

2. 'The term 'hyperpresident' is particularly apt when it comes to describing Nicolas Sarkozy's approach to the media.' DISCUSS.

3. To what extent, in your view, is the advent of France 24 best summed up in the formula 'too little, too late, too French' (KUHN)?