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FR316 Media in France: Examination

In 2013-14, the examination will take the following format. There will be questions on each of the 5 topics we have studied throughout the year, that is:

  • de Gaulle and the media
  • Bourdieu and the media, with particular reference to Sur la télévision
  • the written news media and the internet in France, with particular reference to Poulet's La Fin des journaux
  • Sarkozy and the media
  • France's outward-facing media since 2002 (with particular reference to the launch of France 24)

There will be a choice of 2 questions for each topic.

Students doing a 3-hour exam will be required to answer 3 questions on 3 topics.

Students doing a 2-hour exam will be required to answer 2 questions on 2 topics. THESE MUST NOT DUPLICATE MATERIAL OR TOPICS COVERED IN THEIR ASSESSED ESSAYS.

A sample paper which follows the rubric and syllabus for 2011-12 can be found HERE (PDF Document). (Note the last question is not relevant to this year's syllabus)

As the final topic above is new for 2013-14, students may find it useful to reflect on these sample questions (PDF Document)