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De Gaulle and Television - Video Materials

Video sources for de Gaulle's media performances may be accessed EITHER through DVD's OR through the web platform of the Institut National de l'Audiovisuel (INA). The INA platform (particularly the 'Charles de Gaulle - Paroles Publiques' feature') provides the most useful pedagogical and research tool for students, though DVDs provide better image quality.


A. INA Website

For access to extensive video extracts on the INA website and a guide to using it, click HERE.


B. DVD resources

The following DVD’s will be placed in the department or the Transnational Resources Centre.

Remember: if you do not return the DVD’s promptly, you are liable to be causing disruption to another student.

1. Les Grands discours du Général de Gaulle (contains de Gaulle's major speeches; each one can be accessed individually on menu, and is preceded by a brief talk setting it in its context).

2. De Gaulle Biopic – this contains the three episodes of a documentary on the life of De Gaulle broadcast by BBC2 in January 1991 (length about 2 hours 45 minutes).

3 . De Gaulle ou l'eternel defi (general documentary on De Gaulle's life, in TRC)