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Media in France Week 10

This week we will begin by looking at a television show on which Bourdieu appeared in December 1995, and which provided in some measure the stimulus (through frustration) for the subsequent lectures in Sur la télévision. For further details, see THIS  SHEET (Word Document) , which you should print off and bring to the seminar.


We will then look at a number of critical articles on Bourdieu's analysis of television that appeared in the press shortly after the publication of the book. You can find these articles HERE (Word Document) (please print off the dossier).

You should try to take notes on the following questions in each article:

  • How does Bourdieu figure in the article?
  • To what extent does the article confirm Bourdieu's arguments in Sur la télévision?
  • What criticisms, if any, are made of Bourdieu?