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Media in France Week 11

The seminar discussion this week will be based on Bernard Poulet, La Fin des journaux et l'avenir de l'information, introduction and chapters 1-3. Please read these in advance.

I have placed below some guiding questions for chapters 1 and 2 (chapter 3 is relatively straightforward).

I will also be glossing and contextualising various aspects of Poulet's arguments. Please download, look through in advance and bring to the seminar the slides for the seminar (available HERE (Powerpoint Presentation) as powerpoint and HERE (PDF Document) as pdf). If working on paper, I'd advise printing out on 2 pages per sheet mode.


Chapter one, ‘Peut-être est-il temps de paniquer’

1. What is the general situation of newspapers in advanced economies today?

2. In what respects is the situation in France worse?


Chapter two, ‘Publicité: les journaux asphyxiés

1. Why have news media found it increasingly difficult to sustain their advertising revenue streams? What will the consequences of this be?


Lecture one:

Lecture two:

Lectures - see links at bottom of page. Note they are commentaries on the slides.