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Media in France Week 12

The initial seminar discussion this week will be based on Bernard Poulet, La Fin des journaux et l'avenir de l'information, chapters 4-5. Please read these carefully in advance. We will have a general discussion around chapter 4 (see questions below). I will give a lecture on the themes of chapter 5 (on power relations between politics and the media and the mutations of 'public space' in France) that will serve to tie up also some of the threads of the module thus far, and introduce some of those still to come.

The slides for my lecture based on chapter 5 can be found HERE (Powerpoint Presentation) or HERE (PDF Document). Please print off in advance (2 slides/pages per sheet is probably best) or bring to seminar on your device.

To listen to lecture in two parts again, use these links:


Chapter four, ‘Qu’est-ce que l’information?’

1. How does BP distinguish the function of ‘information’ from the activities of ‘media’ more generally?

2. What journalistic work needs to be undertaken to produce ‘quality’ information?

3. In what ways has the advent of the internet brought new forms of marketing-based pressure to bear on the production of information by news media?


In the last part of the seminar, pairs of students will make short presentations (about 4-5 minutes each) based respectively on chapters 7, 8, and 9, and addressing the following questions:


For chapter 7: What has been and will be the impact of a 'culture de la gratuité' on the news media in France?


For chapter 8: In what sense has the rise of the internet, as a technological innovation, been accompanied by a certain form of 'ideology'?


For chapter 9: What steps have been taken by written news media, particularly in France, to survive or relaunch themselves in the contemporary media landscape?

To listen again to my mini-lecture on chapter 5 of Poulet, click below:




If you would like to look at some examples of 'pure' internet 'newspapers' in France, you could try these sites:


rue89 (bought up now by Le nouvel observateur)

and perhaps also Daniel Schneidermann's site devoted to the analysis of the media themselves:

arrêt sur images