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Media in France Week 20


You should read these two dossiers for the seminar:

1). Dossier of 1 presidential and 2 ministerial addresses/interventions (PDF Document); try to answer these guiding questions (PDF Document).

2). Selective press dossier (PDF Document) of articles (especially articles d'opinion) on France 24 (this should add nuance to your understanding of the development of France 24 in the light of the lecture in week 19)



In the first hour I will give a lecture on the challenges faced by France 24 in trying to establish itself as a distinctive and recognizable 'voice' in the field of global news.

Lecture slides can be downloaded here: pdf (PDF Document) or ppt (Powerpoint Presentation)

The lecture can be heard again here:


In the second hour we will discuss the dossier of presidential and ministerial addresses and interventions above (dossier 1)