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Media in France Week seven

This week we will be studying the general frameworks for recent media history in France. This will help us to understand more effectively the topics we will be covering for the rest of the year, and also to put into clearer relief our understanding of the media under de Gaulle.

READING for this week is as follows:

Raymond Kuhn, The Media in Contemporary France (2011), chapters 1 and 2 (pp. 5-57).


I will give two lectures this week, designed to reinforce the ground covered by Kuhn, focusing first on the history of written media in France (downloadable HERE (PDF Document)), and then on the general history of television in France (downloadable HERE (PDF Document)).

To listen to the lectures again, use the links below -

Press lecture:


TV lecture:


Please print off these slides before you come to the lecture (I would advise printing in '2 pages per sheet' mode). If you look through them in advance, you will be less likely to be afflicted by 'information overload' during the lectures themselves.

(If you prefer to work electronically, you may find the powerpoint versions more useful - written media here (Powerpoint Presentation) and TV here (Powerpoint Presentation). You can take your own notes under slides and, in 'slide show' mode, you can highlight and underline figures etc).