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Media in France Week 8

The reading for this week is Pierre Bourdieu, Sur la télévision, pp. 5-42 (Avant-propos and part 1, ‘Le plateau et ses coulisses’). Try to take notes on the following questions:


1. What can television help intellectuals like PB to do?


2. What did PB see television as preventing him from doing? How?


3. Why, for PB, do many ‘intellectuals’ like to go on television, regardless of the conditions under which they must speak?


4. What kinds of censorship or distortion are operated by television? (You may like to list first the most obvious and then the less obvious kinds).


5. How does PB present the freedom of manoeuvre of the individual journalist?


6. What role does PB imply that professional thinkers should play in that public sphere represented by television?

Some parts of the session were recorded. They can be accessed here:


Some parts of this week's session were recorded - see bottom of page. Here is the handout (PDF Document) for the lectures.