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media in france seminar week 4

Media in France: week 4. De Gaulle and television, II: worksheet

1. General reading:

J.-D. Sicault, ‘Conférences de presse et autres procédés de contact direct avec l’opinion publique’, in Maitrot & Sicault, Les Conférences de presse du Général de Gaulle (1969), pp. 104-123 (a photocopy will be provided).

List the advantages and limits of the following techniques of communication used by de Gaulle for entering into direct contact with public opinion:

(i) press conferences (N.B. these would invariably be televised in full – they also happen to be the main object of Sicault’s overall study)

(ii) television addresses (i.e. where de Gaulle appears alone on television and speaks ‘directly’ to the viewer)

(iii) provincial (and foreign) tours


2. The text of selected television appearances by de Gaulle.

All students should read through these texts (photocopies will be provided). We will be looking at and analysing accompanying television extracts in the seminar. Please note that it is important you have a grasp of the key political issues in question (de Gaulle’s handling of the Algerian crisis 1958-62; the referendum on the election of the president by universal suffrage in 1962; the presidential election of 1965).