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lecture power points

Term 1

Week 1: the Ancien Regime

(Powerpoint Presentation) fr322_week_1_2013-14.pptx

Week 2: the National Assembly

(Powerpoint Presentation) fr322_presentation_2_2013-14.pptx

Week 3: War and downfall of the monarchy

(Powerpoint Presentation) fr322_lecture_3_presentation_2013-14.pptx

Week 4: Women in the Revolution

(Powerpoint Presentation) fr322_presentation_femmes_revolutionnaires_2013-14.pptx

Week 5: Introduction to the theatre of the Revolution

(Powerpoint Presentation) theatre_de_la_rvolution.pptx

Week 7: Olympe de Gouges and Marie-Joseph Chénier

(Powerpoint Presentation) fr322_week_7_2014-2015.pptx

Week 8: The trials of the King and Queen

(Powerpoint Presentation) fr322_trials.pptx

Week 9: Terror 1793

(Powerpoint Presentation) fr322_terror_2013-14.pptx

Week 10: Terror 1794

(Powerpoint Presentation) terror_1794_2013-14.pptx

Term 2

Week 1: The Directory

(Powerpoint Presentation) fr322_lecture_1_presentation_2014.pptx

Week 2: The Consulate and the rise of Napoleon

(Powerpoint Presentation) fr322_presentation_week_2_2014.pptx

Week 3: The theatre of Pixerécourt

(Powerpoint Presentation) pixerecourt_presentation_2014.pptx

Week 5: The Empire

(Powerpoint Presentation) the_empire_2014.pptx

Week 7: Theatre of the Empire

(Powerpoint Presentation) fr322_presentation_week_7.pptx

Week 8: Writers under Napoleon

(Powerpoint Presentation) writers_under_napoleon_2014.pptx

Week 9: Decline of the Empire

(Powerpoint Presentation) fr322_presentation_decline.pptx

Week 10: End of the Empire

(Powerpoint Presentation) fr322_end_2014.pptx