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material from presentations

Student presentations 2014-2015

Week 2:

The impact of Enlightenment philosophy on the revolutionaries: (Word Document) wk2_-_enlightenment_presentation_visual_manning.doc

Week 3:

The D├ęclaration des droits de l'homme: what they represented, their importance, their impact: (PDF Document) presentation_preparation_fraser_pdf.pdf (Powerpoint Presentation) presentation_wk_3_powerpoint_fraser.pptx

Week 4:

Marie-Antoinette: myth and reality: (Powerpoint Presentation) the_myth_of_marie-antoinette_sen.pptx

Week 9: (Powerpoint Presentation) jacques-louis_david_presentation.pptx
Week 11:

The representation of women in revolutionary songs: (Word Document)week_11_presentation.docx