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Politics of Literature

Core reading

Relevant to both Despentes and Beinstingel

Crary, Jonathan, 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep (London: Verso, 2014), ch. 1, 1-28.*

Dardot, Pierre & Laval, Christian, Ce Cauchemar qui n'en finit pas (Paris: La Découverte, 2016), ch. 3, pp. 71-107.*

Relevant only to Despentes

Smith, Andrew, ‘In Defense of Homelessness’, Journal of Value Inquiry 48 (2014): 33–51. Accessible via the Library here

Advance preparation

Please everyone do as much of the above reading as you can ahead of the session. The student presentation will consist of a summary of the main argument of Crary and Dardot & Laval (*). I would also like everyone else in the group to pick one of the above three pieces of reading in particular and do the following:

  1. summarise the argument
  2. discuss the reading in relation to either Despentes or Beinstingel or both
  3. pick out 2-3 examples from the novels and discuss them analytically in relation to the argument of the reading you have chosen to focus on