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FR324 Summative Essay Titles

You are strongly encouraged to devise your own essay titles in consultation with one of the module tutors. However, you may if you wish choose to write a summative essay on one of the topics below.

These are summative essay titles. The mark for this essay will count toward your end-of-year assessment and your degree classification.

See here for information about SMLC summative assessment requirements.

Term 1

  1. The representation of social isolation in ONE OR MORE contemporary French texts studied.
  2. The meanings of illness and medicine in Emmanuel Carrère's L'Adversaire.
  3. Delphine de Vigan's Rien ne s'oppose à la nuit as autofiction.
  4. Michel Houellebecq's Soumission: satire, warning, or provocation?
  5. An analysis of narrative voice in Nina Bouraoui's Standard.

Term 2

  1. The representation of corporate culture and management practices in Thierry Beinstingel's Ils désertent

  2. The depiction of France in a period of economic crisis in Virginie Despentes's Vernon Subutex

  3. The relationship between the human and the animal in Joy Sorman's Comme une bête

  4. Tanguy Viel's La Disparition de Jim Sullivan as a response to 'World Literature'
  5. The relationship between politics and literature with reference to TWO or THREE of the texts studied