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FR434 Summative Essay Titles

If you have chosen Assessment Method I (50% summative essay + 50% examination) then you should write one 2,000-2,500 word essay in response to one of the following questions:

1. To what extent and in what ways do Marie de France’s Fables critique the human world?

2. Examine the role of animal speech in Le Roman de Renart.

3. To what extent and in what ways does Pierre de Beauvais’ Bestiaire trouble the boundary between human and animal?

4. To what extent can Richard de Fournival’s Bestiaire d’Amour be described as a bestiary?

5. Compare and contrast depictions of ONE of the following creatures in TWO or THREE of the core texts: the lion, the fox, the monkey.

6. Discuss the depiction of animal violence in ONE or TWO of the core texts.

If you have chosen Assessment Method II (100% summative essay, no exam) then you should ideally come and see me as soon as possible during my office hours in the term in which the module is taught so that we can discuss and agree a title of your own devising. If, however, you are unable to see me in time to begin writing the essay then you may write your longer essay on the title below:

Examine the use of animals as examples in TWO or THREE of the core texts.

These are summative essay titles. The mark for this essay will count toward your end-of-year assessment and your degree classification.

You should note that in the examination for this module, you will not be permitted to answer a question relating to material on which you have submitted an assessed essay.