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Summative Essay Questions


You may, If you wish, discuss the same text/thinker in a summative assignment as you have discussed in a piece of formative assignment, but you must not reproduce in part or whole any of your formative assignment in your summative assignment.

You will receive guidance and support in the writing of your summative essay in the following ways:

  1. Refresher workshop on essay-writing skills (Weds 18th November, Teaching Grid, 2.45 – 4.15 pm). This is OPTIONAL
  2. One hour in the module programme will be devoted to a discussion / workshop on the assessment for the module.
  3. Students submitting summative work in term 2 will receive feedback on their work in week 7 of term 2, and students submitting summative work in term 3 will receive feedback on it in week 7 of term 3. All marks received at this stage will be provisional. Please note that you are welcome to come and see me in my office hours to discuss your performance once you have received the feedback for your assessed work.

You are strongly encouraged to devise your own essay titles in consultation with the module tutor. Essay titles should be modelled on the format of scholarly articles and not examination questions i.e. your title might be 'Human-animal transformation in the Lais of Marie de France’ but not 'Discuss human-animal transformation in the Lais of Marie de France' and not 'To what extent is human-animal transformation seen as a social problem in the Lais of Marie de France?' Use the titles below as a guide to forming your own title.

If you so wish, you may choose to write a summative essay on one of the topics below, in which case approval of the title will not be required.


  1. Cross-species embodiment in the Lais of Marie de France.
  2. A study of the social and sexual implications of female transvestism in the Roman de Silence and the Vie de Sainte Euphrosine.
  3. Transformation and queer desire in the Roman de Silence and Trubert.
  4. ‘Mout a bien de fame feiture!’: power, gender and disguise in the fabliaux.
  5. ‘Feme a menor oquoison […] de l’estre bone que malvaise’: the questioning of female nature in the Roman de Silence.


These are summative essay titles. The mark for this essay will count toward your end-of-year assessment and your degree classification.