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The Anglo-Norman Hub

Access to the online version of the Anglo-Norman dictionary, as well as some resources on Anglo-Norman language, literature and culture


Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages

A reliable scholarly encyclopedia with articles by named specialists. The encyclopedia is still in development but offers good information on some major historical figures and key concepts. Much safer than Wikipedia!



A useful starting point for looking for medieval studies resources on the Web



A searchable database of articles and other critical material relating to the study of medieval women and gender


The International Marie de France Society

Home of the IMFS, including links to sites on Marie de France and some (English) vocal recordings of her work


Lives of the Saints Project

Scholarly site on medieval hagiography with some information on saints' lives and a number of resources currently under development



A reliable site on hagiography by historian Thomas Head (CUNY)


Christian Hagiography

A site run by the Bollandists: a Jesuit society that conducts research on saints' lives and cults


Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible

An online version of the Latin Vulgate Bible


Medieval 'Timeline'

British Library Resource giving basic, but reliable information on medieval society and culture

British Library

The Manuscript of Marie's Lais (BL, Harley MS 978)



Digital material (including manuscripts) from the Bnf

Trubert manuscript (fr. 2188)

Fabliau collection (fr. 837)


University of Nottingham Wollaton Library Collection 

The collection that contains the manuscript of the Roman de Silence.

The Roman de Silence Manuscript (University of Nottingham MS WLC/LM/6)