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FR410 Powerpoint Presentations

To open any of the Powerpoint presentations from lectures on the course, simply click on the relevant lecture number.

To scroll through presentations, use the 'page down' key.


Lecture 1 

Bodily Metamorphosis in Marie de France's Lais


Lecture 2 

The Animal Body and the Limits of the Human in Marie de France's Lais


Lecture 3 

Transvestism and the Gendered Body in Silence


Lecture 4 

Social and Sexual Identity in Silence


Lecture 5 

Transvestism and Transformation in Medieval Saints' Lives


Lecture 6  

Sexual Metamorphosis in La Vie de sainte Euphrosine


Lecture 7

The Unstable Bodies of the fabliaux


Lecture 8 

Power and Identity in Trubert


Lecture 9

Gender and Sexual Metamorphosis in 'Trubert'