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FR424 Formative Essay Titles

Coursework essay titles (non-assessed)

  • Why and to what extent was the textual exploration of sexual pleasure felt to be a threat to morality in seventeenth-century France? Illustrate your answer with examples drawn from at least two of the authors listed for this module. You may include the Anthology if you wish.
  • Discuss the impact of actual or threatened censorship on one or two of the authors and/or works set for study.
  • To what extent and in what ways can Théophile’s love poetry be described as ‘libertine’?
  • Être and paraître in Sorel’s Francion.
  • “An author who wishes to spread controversial views or voice criticism of certain aspects of the society in which he lives, has everything to gain from being a good story-teller.” Discuss with reference to Sorel's Francion and/or Cyrano de Bergerac's Voyage dans la lune.

  • « Hérétique, non en fait de religion, mais en fait d’amour »: to what extent, and in what ways, do you find this description applicable to the d’Assoucy’s portrayal of himself in his Aventures?

You may also choose a topic or question from one of the seminar worksheet for further elaboration as a coursework essay.


The Merry Lute Player by Frans Hals