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FR424 Module Outline

  • Wk 1: Introduction (from scepticism to libertinage; libertinage de mœurs vs. libertinage de pensée)
    Please read the Libertine Anthology (Word Document) and prepare some notes on the basis of the accompanying worksheet.(Word Document)

  • Wk 5: Thinking the Impossible I: Cyrano de Bergerac, Voyage dans la lune
  • Wk 6: reading week
  • Wk 7: Thinking the Impossible II: Cyrano de Bergerac, Voyage dans la lune
  • Wk 8: The libertin’s wanderings: From Paris to Provincial France: the circle around the courtisan Ninon de Lenclos; Bachaumont & Chapelle, Voyage en Languedoc; La Fontaine’s Voyage en Limousin
    Download the text of Bachaumont and Chapelle's Voyage galant (PDF Document) [please note that this text edition is a working document related to your tutor's research interests; it is provided for your personal use only.]
    Download the Voyage Galant worksheet.
  • Wk 9: The libertin’s wanderings: Between France and Italy : the Avantures burlesques of Charles D’Assoucy
    Download the Dassoucy worksheet (Word Document)
  • Wk 10: Just Deserts? Molière, Dom Juan 
    Term 3: Revision class (2 hours): Eros & Reason, or themes and threads

Cyrano on his way to the moon