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Lecture and Seminars

Term 2 2018: Lectures and seminars will be on Thursdays, from 3-5 p.m., in H 4.44.

In the first seminar we will be analysing depictions of anarchists in the popular press of the late nineteenth century: photocopies of articles and illustrations will be provided in the seminar. The following weeks will involve the set texts, and especially the extracts from these and other materials in the module sourcebook. Please follow the link below to download the sourcebook. From week 2 onwards, you should print out and bring along the relevant pages of the sourcebook for seminar discussion. Worksheets are also available to help you prepare for each seminar. The complete list of seminar worksheets is available from the link below.

Module Sourcebook

Seminar Worksheets

Ideas and Communities

Week 1: What is anarchism?

Lecture handout  Seminar handout Lecture slides (I will bring printed copies of the handouts to the lecture and seminar)

Week 2: Anarchist theories of art and action

 Lecture handout; lecture slides

Week 3: Anarchist communities in Belle Epoque Paris

Lecture handout; lecture slides

Writers and Activists

Week 4: Louise Michel, red virgin of the Commune (of the Mémoires, please read especially Book I, ch 9; Book II ch 1; Book II ch 13)

Lecture handout; lecture slides

Week 5: Fernand Pelloutier, trade unionist

Lecture handout ; lecture slides; lecture recording

Week 6: Reading week

Week 7: Jean Grave, journalist

Lecture handout; lecture slides

Satire and subversion

Week 8. Octave Mirbeau, Les Mauvais Bergers

 Lecture handout; lecture slides

Week 9. Georges Courteline, satirist

Lecture handout; lecture slides

Week 10. Research Forum (lecture hour) and essay consultation (seminar hour)

Term 3

Those of you taking the FR 343 examination should download the revision document that offers advice on revision themes and strategies.