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FR309 Summative Essays

If you have chosen Assessment Method I (50% summative essay + 50% examination) then you should write one 2,000-2,500 word essay in response to one of the following questions:

  1. How successful is Mathieu Lindon's Ce qu’aimer veut dire as a queer apologia for recreational drug-use?
  2. [Delorme question TBC]
  3. Do Guillaume Dustan and his Dans ma chambre deserve to be forgotten?
  4. Discuss critically the representation of rape and other forms of sexual violence in Virginie Despentes's Baise-moi.
  5. Discuss the relationship between the representation of the natural world in Pagano's Les Adolescents troglodytes and Adèle's story as a trans woman.
  6. Discuss the representation of the sexual body in ONE or TWO of the core texts.

If you have chosen Assessment Method II (100% summative essay, no exam) then you should ideally come and see me as soon as possible during my office hours in the term in which the module is taught so that we can discuss and agree a title of your own devising. If, however, you are unable to see me in time to begin writing the essay then you may write your longer essay on the title below:

  1. Compare the representation of the sexual body in TWO or THREE of the core texts.


You should note that in the examination for this module, you will not be permitted to answer a question relating to material on which you have submitted a summatively assessed essay.