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Virginie Despentes

Core reading

Virginie Despentes, Baise-moi (1994) [Please buy the 1999 J'ai lu edition]

Preparation for seminar discussion

  1. Analyse the relationship between Nadine and Manu.
  2. What can be gleaned from the text about the narrator’s world-view and opinions?
  3. Select and analyse 3 sentences which you think display significant, typical, stylistic features of this writing.
  4. Discuss the representation of the female body in this novel.
  5. Research the controversy surrounding the film version (released in 2000).
  6. Examine critically the novel’s representation of rape and its aftereffects.
  7. In what sense(s) could this be described as a feminist novel?

Student presentation task: To what extent is this a pornographic text and to what extent is it a critique of pornography? (Please ensure you make reference to relevant secondary reading, in particular Long and Bourcier.)

Further reading

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Slides will be posted here after the teaching session.