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France and Globalisation

Module Code: FR431
Module Name: France and Globalisation
Module Coordinator: Dr Iwona Janicka
Not running 2018-19
Module Credits: 15

Module Description

  • France's attitudes towards globalisation are as dramatic as they are contradictory. On the one hand, French discourse can equate globalisation or mondialisation with 'McDonaldization', the erosion of national culture, or the triumph of the free market over social justice. On the other hand, companies such as Total, AXA, Peugeot, Carrefour, and EDF, or brands such as L‘Oréal, LVMH and Dior are known and active throughout the world, and French companies employ almost 5 million people outside of France.
  • This module examines some of the reasons for this complex attitude, and looks especially at what globalisation represents for France today in the eyes of key different commentators and analysts.
  • Economic, political, philosophical, ecological, and related dissenting perspectives are covered. We explore key French notions of declinism, resistance, exceptionalism, and francophonie in the context of globalisation, and we become familiar with a number of influential and recognizable French figures and commentators. We look at the relevance of Atlanticism, of anti-Americanism, and of various forms of altermondialismes and 'degrowth' arguments. We do not focus, however, in any specialist way on economic theory or tools.
  • Students will also be placed into 'syndicate groups' in order to give a presentation of some prepared work.

Reading list

The texts that you need to purchase are:

Nicolas Baverez, Réveillez-vous!(2012), Fayard edition.

Serge Latouche, Petit traité de la décroissance sereine (2007), Mille et une Nuits edition.

Hubert Védrine, Continuer l'histoire (2008), Flammarion (Champ) edition.

Other extracts will be supplied.

Assessment Method:

These final-year modules will be examined EITHER by a combination of assessed work (50%) and formal examination (50%) OR solely by assessment (100%).