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Seminar Week 9: Stefano Benni

Stefano Benni, ‘Papà va in Tv’, from L’ultima lacrima


  1. Define the terms irony and satire and explain how these are used in the text.
  2. What type of language is used in this short story? (refer especially to dialogue)
  3. Comment on the style of the piece.
  4. Discuss the opening paragraph. How is the family portrayed?
  5. How does the author combine fantasy and reality?
  6. Discuss the characters and their reactions to events of the story.
  7. What are the main concerns of the family members?
  8. What sense of morality is presented here?
  9. How does the text comment on:

the desire for fame

Italian television

‘la bella figura’

modern society

family life

consumer culture