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Hispanic Studies year abroad

All students in the Department of Hispanic Studies are required to take part in the year abroad programme. The duration of the year abroad is to be understood as coinciding with the Warwick academic year, although it is advisable that students leave for Spain or Latin America slightly earlier to find accommodation and, where applicable, to take part in any preparatory courses offered by their host institution.

UK/EU students who spend their time studying at a Spanish or Latin American university will not pay fees to the host university. All students eligible for the Erasmus plus scheme, funded by the European Union, will receive a bursary from the EU (amounts vary yearly).

Year Abroad Destinations

Study-abroad placements are available in the following universities:


* University of Cádiz

* University of Málaga

* University of Salamanca

* University of Sevilla ( Pablo de Olavide)

* University of Valencia

* University of Valladolid

* University of Zaragoza


* University of Lisbon


* Universidad Pontificia de Chile

* University Diego Portales (Chile)

* Universidad Javeriana de Colombia

* Universidad de Puerto Rico

We also offer teaching placements with the British Council. This is an internal and competitive application. The students who wish to apply will get support from their tutors in Hispanic Studies, but the final decision will be made by the British Council.

Students can also decide to work while abroad. In that case they will need to secure a contract (with proof of salary and time length) with an employer in Spain or Latin America.