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Coventry City of Languages

Knowledge of another language has become more important for a functioning UK economy in the 21st century than ever before. It is crucial for MFL and culture to be taught and valued in schools across the UK, and for schools across all key stages to work together to ensure the best possible provision, including transition from primary to secondary education.

The Coventry MFL Hub, a core group of committed and passionate teachers, both specialist and non-specialist, primary and secondary teachers working together to achieve a common vision have joined forces with the city's two universities to create Coventry City of Languages.

We have 4 main areas of activity:

Languages in Our Community

Languages in Our Schools

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Our Teachers

Using Languages Professionally

Our aims:

  1. To link all primary and secondary MFL departments and co-ordinators to ensure the best possible provision and excellent transition between KS2 and 3, between GCSE and A-level and between A-level and university
  2. To build relationships with organisations across Coventry, and beyond, who value MFL and languages, as well as the arts and beyond.
  3. To have one hub so that events relating to language learning are advertised in a single place
  4. To create opportunities for cultural capital
  5. To be a forward thinking and leading consortium to inspire language learning
  6. To offer CPD and training to teachers within the LA (and outside?) in good practice.
  7. To appoint ‘patrons’ for Coventry City of Languages to help us to inspire young people and promote the need for language learning.
  8. . To advise and train head teachers, in particular Primary head teachers who may not have full understanding of MFL within the curriculum
  9. To build a bank of resources for MFL teachers (in particular primary) to support, improve provision and quality
  10. To celebrate ALL languages spoken in our schools and communities
  11. To engage parents in both supporting their children’s language learning, and educating them on the importance of MFL.

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