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DVD Library

With major holdings in French, German and Italian language film, the DVD Library is a resource of superior quality for teaching, learning and research in foreign-language film. Currently under development, the DVD and video collection will eventually include all films taught in the Modern Languages departments, as well as a research-standard collection in non-Anglophone film from early cinema to the present day. The Library opened in November 2007 and now has over 3000 titles. The collection is continually updated with new purchases and off-air recordings to DVD from digital satellite.


Film titles can be located via the TRC Library database 

The Film Library can be accessed from Monday to Friday from 9.30am - 1pm, and 2pm - 5pm.

Films can be borrowed for viewing in the TRC, or taken out of the Centre overnight for viewing elsewhere.

To borrow a film, visit the TRC and speak to the TRC Technician or a Student Advisor.

Fines Policy

Fines are an incentive for borrowers to return items on time, so that stock may be circulated fairly and effectively to all TRC users.

The TRC aims to apply the Fines Policy in a fair and consistent manner.

The TRC operates a short-loan borrowing system on all materials.

The deadline for return of TRC videos or DVDs is 12.00 p.m. on the day after they are borrowed. Friday loans can be returned on Monday.

A fine of £1.00 per hour will be levied on users failing to return films by the deadline.

The maximum fine per item is £20.00.

Email overdue notices are sent as a courtesy to borrowers via their University email. Failure to receive notices sent by the TRC does not remove your obligation to return material by the due date, nor does it constitute grounds for reducing fines.

Students who have items signed out in their name, are responsible for their proper use and timely return. This means that the borrower assumes financial responsibility until the items are returned.

Failure to pay a fine may result in withdrawal of TRC access and the relevant Department will be informed.

Once a fine has been levied it becomes a University debt and must be paid in full before you can move to the next year of your course, or before you graduate.


Films can be viewed on large screens in the Home Cinema, on large screen or PC in the Group Study Room, or in the Resources Room on PCs or large screen.