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Resources Room

The Resources Room is the largest space in the TRC, and provides an open and informal setting for individual and group study.

Entrance and exit is by University card during opening hours.

Alongside wireless access throughout, Resources Room facilities include:


pc bank


The five image capture PCs in the Resources Room PC bank are networked for satellite TV as well as internet access; they are also set up for DVD or video viewing individually or in pairs. Each PC can run image capture and video edit software (Adobe Creative Suite), and is equipped with a DVD re-editing tool (Cinematize Pro) that enables users to extract audio or video tracks, subtitles etc. from DVD.

Alongside the PC Bank, the Resources Room houses a further single stand-alone networked PC for quick access to e-mail and the internet.

A black and white printer, a colour printer and a scanner are available.

User time on image capture PCs is limited in order to allow access for the widest possible range of users.


screening space


The large LCD screen in the centre of the Resources Room is networked for satellite TV and can also be used to screen videos and DVDs (including Blu-ray). The screen is also linked to a PC. Wireless headphones are available, and TV viewers are asked to make use of these at busy times to minimise noise levels for other Resources Room users. DVDs and videos can be borrowed from the DVD Library. 


If you wish to view a film in a more secluded space, please book a slot in the Home Cinema.


group study area


Informal seating, benches and tables are provided for individual and group study. Users are free to move seating according to their needs, but are asked to return tables and chairs to their original place before leaving the TRC.


laptops and tablet pcs



Laptops and tablet PCs are available on loan from the TRC Manager. Click here to book.


print resources


The Resources Room holds a selection of general reference works, dictionaries and current German, French and Italian-language newspapers and magazines. There is a selection of film periodicals, as well as TV listings magazines for satellite TV users. Le Petit Robert dictionary is available to borrow from the DVD Library.