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Week 8 - Cultural Memory

Linda Shortt

In this seminar we will explore ideas of cultural memory, ranging from Jan Assmann's definitions to more recent transnational perspectives. Please note that this session will not take place at the usual time due to a timetable clash. Instead, we shall meet on Tuesday (21 November) 12.00-14.00 in H2.18.

CORE READING and seminar tasks

1. Please read the articles below and summarise the key features of cultural and communicative memory. What is multidirectional memory?

2. What are the implications of notions of archive and repertoire, and the limitations?

3. What are the implications of the idea of "global memories"?

4. How does Europe use memory? What are the implications of this?


Confino Collective Memory and Cultural History



Taylor Archive and Repertoire

Rothberg Multidirectional Memory

Ann Rigney

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