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The Ends of Autonomy July colloquium - recordings of papers delivered

Recordings of some of the papers can be accessed below.

  • Christopher Watkin (Monash), Introductory video

    • Keynote: Louise Amoore (Durham), Of autonomies and algorithms

    • Keynote: Peter Hallward (Kingston), A law unto ourselves: autonomy as mass sovereignty

      • Ali Alizadeh (Monash), ‘La liberté guide nos pas’: the dialectic of freedom in a French revolutionary poem

        • Nick Hewlett (Warwick), Karl Marx and the concept of freedom

              • Serhat Tutkal (National University of Colombia), Autonomy against authoritarian neoliberalism: the removal of Kurdish mayors in Turkey

                    • Taylor Lau (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology), Against the economic view of time in the workplace: the claim to free time

                          • Kayte Stokoe (Birmingham), Crip autonomy and external limitations

                                • Charlotte Heath-Kelly (Warwick), The extremist across history: changing relations of liberty, threat and detection

                                      • Oliver Davis (Warwick), Algorithmic governmentality and the modern bureaucratic ideal: species of abstraction and autonomy

                                            • Simon Angus (Monash), How liberating is liberation technology?

                                                  • Yurii Sheliazhenko (KROK), Informed autonomy: conceptualization of freedom in the digital age

                                                        • Alesja Serada (Vaasa), Blockchain owns you: from cypherpunk to a self-sovereign identity

                                                              • Christopher Watkin (Monash), The critique of emancipatory reason

                                                              Recordings are listed in the order that the papers were delivered, except that the two keynote papers have been listed first. Please note that not all papers delivered were recorded; to download abstracts for all papers delivered please click here.