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Hispanic Studies

Guide for summer reading

Language modules

Your tutors will provide you with an essential handout that will be followed throughout the academic year, which will enable you to develop different skills including grammar; translation; oral and aural & reading and writing comprehension.

There is no need to purchase a paper dictionary as you will be working with online dictionaries, translation tools and educational apps such as DRAE, Wordreference, Linguee, Google Drive, etc. If you think that you would feel more comfortable with a paper dictionary, please have a word with your tutors at the beginning of the term and they will provide you with some suggestions.

You will also work with Grammar and reading books. You are not expected to do any language preparation, however, if you wish to refresh your knowledge or familiarise yourself with the language during the summer, key texts to be purchased are listed below. For further guidance on useful editions, contact the module convenors: Ms Isabel Cobo Palacios <> (Post-A levels) or Ms Raquel Navas <> (Beginners' level).

For those studying Spanish Post- A levels:

  • Luis Aragonés & Ramón Palencia, Gramática de uso del español B1-B2. Teoría y práctica (con solucionario)(Madrid: Ediciones SM, 2014)
  • Isaac Rosa, Aquí vivió. Historia de un desahucio (Barcelona: Nube de tinta, 2016)

For more information:

For those studying Spanish at a beginners' level:

  • Luis Aragonés & Ramón Palencia, Gramática de uso del español A1-A2. Teoría y práctica (con solucionario) (Madrid: Ediciones SM, 2014)

For more information:

Literature and Culture modules

There is no required reading to complete before term begins, but if you would like to get a flavour of the topics we will study during the year, this is a list of selected readings from our three Level 1 modules, which aims to provide you with some general sources that you will be studying during your first year at Warwick. You can also find more information on the module webpages (below), and you may like to begin your own research into some of these topics and figures online.

These resources can be accessed online or via the Library on arrival. For further guidance on useful editions, you can contact the module convenors: Ms Raquel Navas (HP103) or Dr Tom Whittaker (HP104).

HP103: Language, Text and Identity in the Hispanic World

  • Kimberly L. Geeslin, The Cambridge Handbook of Spanish Linguistics (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018)
  • Joanna Allan, Silence Resistance: Women, Dictatorships and Genderwashing in Western Sahara and Equatorial Guinea (Wisconsin: The University of Wisconsin Press, 2019)
  • Rosalía de Castro, On the edge of the river Sar, ed. and translated by Michelle Geoffrion-Vinci (Madison, [Wisconsin]; Teaneck, [New Jersey]: Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2014).

For more information:

HP104: Icons and Representations of the Hispanic World

Julián Casanova, A Short History of the Spanish Civil War (London, New York: I.B. Tauris & Co, 2014)

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