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Joint Degrees

Joint Honours Degrees- Pre Arrival Reading Lists


Recommended reading list:


Welcome 2021 (


The History Department encourages students to browse the faculty staff profiles to get a sense what people work on and either read academic books in a field they field they find interesting or contact members of staff for book recommendations. You can also look at the webpage for HI153 Making of the Modern World for information about the module.

Theatre Studies

In Theatre and Performance Studies at Warwick we aim to develop interesting, intelligent and individual creatives. We’re therefore not asking you to do any specific reading ahead of your course – you’ll have plenty of that during your time here! Instead, we want you to indulge in the things that interest you in relation to theatre and performance. That could be reading plays, books or academic work. But it could also be seeing live or pre-recorded theatre, participating in online workshops with practitioners, or joining Twitter and engaging with industry debates. This degree is all about you bringing your own passions, knowledge and interests to the table, sharing them with others and nurturing them during your time here. If you do want to get a head-start, you could read Antigone by Sophocles and do additional reading around this play – for example, the novel Home Fire by Kamila Shamisie. Antigone will be the starting point for the From Text to Performance module.

BA in a Modern Language and or with Linguistics

This list contains some useful texts that can support your studies. You will find it helpful to access some of these texts before you arrive but you are not expected to have read all of them. Many of the texts will be available online once you arrive and have registered. Reading these books is entirely voluntary; please don't feel that you need to get through them all – you'll certainly be doing plenty of reading once you’re here.

If you are studying a Modern Language AND Linguistics you will be taking all of the modules below (ET118, ET119 and ET120).

If you are studying a Modern Language WITH Linguistics you only need to refer to the reading list for ET118.


Fromkin, V., Rodman, R. & Hyams, N. (2014). An Introduction to language (7th ed.). Andover: Cengage Learning.

Genetti, C. (Ed.). (2014). How languages work. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Piller, I. (2016) Linguistic diversity and social justice: an introduction to applied sociolinguistics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.


Creswell, J. W. (1998). Qualitative Inquiry And Research Design: Choosing Among Five Traditions. London: Sage.