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EMECC - IAS Visiting Professorship: Professor Dena Goodman (University of Michigan) - 6th-10th June

Between 6 and 10 June the Early Modern and Eighteenth-Century Centre and Department of History are hosting an IAS Visiting Professorship: Professor Dena Goodman (University of Michigan)


  • Lunchtime talk: ‘Peace Dividends: Collective Kangaroos for Science, Public, and Nation During the Peace of Amiens’ (post attached), discussant Michael Bycroft, 6 June, 12-2pm, FAB 2.43.


  • Postgraduate and Early Career Discussion ‘Understanding the American Academic System’, Tuesday 6 June, 3-5pm, FAB 5.01.


  • Conference, ‘Sociability in Politics, Food and Travel in the Early Modern Era’ (see attached poster), Keynotes from Rebecca Earle (Warwick) and Dena Goodman (Michigan), 8-10 June.


The Early Modern and Eighteenth-Century Centre at the University of Warwick, together with GIS Sociabilités/Sociability network in France, aims to explore the intersection of sociability with the themes of food, politics and travel in the early modern period (1550-1850).

Historical research on sociability has been developing for several decades. It has been enriched by theoretical frameworks for understanding networks and the rise of public spheres. Sociology and cultural anthropology have been especially helpful for conceptualising how, why and the conditions under which people interact in specific ways. Recent studies of emotions – individual and collective – have thrown light on various forms of sociability. Although there is a rich literature on the topic to draw from, the aim of this conference is to home in on how sociability was imbricated in other cultural phenomena. We are especially interested in exploring the relationship between sociability and political culture, food and drink studies, and trade, travel, and overseas exchange.


Conference programme here:

To register, email indicating the days you wish to attend.


For further details about these events please contact Naomi Pullin and Charles Walton

Thu 25 May 2023, 15:18 | Tags: Conference Information

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