Listen to this fragment:

Enter Hieronimo, with a poniard in one hand, and a rope in the other.
Now sir, perhaps I come and see the King;  
The King sees me, and fain will hear my suit.  
Why, is not this a strange and seld-seen thing,  
That standers-by with toys should strike me mute?  
Go to, I see their shifts, and say no more.
Hieronimo, 'tis time for thee to trudge.  
Down by the dale that flows with purple gore  
Standeth a fiery tower; there sits a judge  
Upon a seat of steel and molten brass,  
And 'twixt his teeth he holds a fire-brand,  10
And leads unto the lake where hell doth stand.  
Away, Hieronimo, to him be gone!  
He'll do thee justice for Horatio's death.  
Turn down this path, thou shalt be with him straight;  
Or this, and then thou need'st not take thy breath  15
This way or that way? - Soft and fair, not so!  
For if I hang or kill myself, let's know,  
Who will revenge Horatio's murder then?  
No, no! Fie, no! Pardon me, I'll none of that.  

He flings away the dagger and halter.

This way I'll take, and this way comes the King;  20

He takes them up again.

And here I'll have a fling at him, that's flat;  
And, Balthazar, I’ll be with thee to bring,  
And thee, Lorenzo! Here’s the King - nay, stay;  
And here, ay here - there goes the hare away.  24