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Previous PhD Theses Topics

Previous PhD theses include :

  • The use of Jerusalem and Jews in Elizabethan and Jacobean sermons (Mitchell Gould)
  • Controversies on Astrology in Renaissance Italy in the Late 15th and Early 16th Centuries (Ovanes Akopyan)
  • James Shirley and the Restoration Stage (Ania Crowther)
  • Court Entertainments and Performances in Early 17th-Century Italy (Leila Zammar)
  • Marsilio Ficino‚Äôs notebooks (Rocco Di Dio)
  • Mastering the climate: Theories of climatic influence in the early colonial age (Sara Miglietti)
  • John Hall's Little Book of Cures (1611-1635): A New Translation (Greg Wells)
  • 'Foreign' Books for English Readers: Published Translations of Navigation Manuals and their Audience in the English Renaissance, 1500-1640. (S De Schepper)
  • The Irish Plays of James Shirley, 1636-40 (J Williams)
  • Thomas Dekker and Chaucerian Re-Imaginings (C S Li)
  • Maritime Communities in Late Renaissance Venice: The Arsenalotti and the Greeks, 1575-1600 (I Iordanou)