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Previous researchers at the Centre for the Study of the Renaissance

Dr Lucy Rayfield (MHRA Research Fellow), worked on her first book, Poetics, Politics and Performance in French and Italian Renaissance Comedy which is a comparative study of French and Italian comic theatre in the sixteenth century. 2020

Dr Emil Rybczak (MHRA Research Fellow), who worked on the Oxford University Press The Complete Works of James Shirley. 2018-2020

Dr Felicita Tramontana (Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow) 'Migration in the early modern world: the Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land as a facilitator of the circulation of people in the Mediterranean' 2016-2018 

Dr Sara Trevisan (Leverhulme Research Fellow who worked on 'The Culture of Royal Genealogy in Early Modern Britain,' 2016-18)

Dr Giacomo Comiati (AHRC Research Fellow, working on the 'Petrarch' project during 2017)

Dr Máté Vince (Leverhulme Research Fellow 2014-2017, working on the Research project, 'The Correspondence of Isaac Casaubon,1610-1614')

Dr Alexander Russell (Leverhulme Research Fellow 2013-2016, and in 2017, working on the 'Cryfield Grange' project)

Dr Jacomien Prins (IAS Global Fellowship) 2012-2016

Dr Femke Molekamp (IAS Global Fellowship) 2012-2016

Dr Eugenio Refini, (Vernacular Aristotelianism project 2010-2013)

Dr Eva Del Soldato (Marie Curie Fellowship, 2012-2013)

Dr Sara Barker, (Renaissance Cultural Crossroads project 2009-2010)

Dr Demmy R Verbeke , (Renaissance Cultural Crossroads project 2007-2008)