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Early Career Convivium (ECC)

  • Are you new to Warwick or to an academic career?
  • Wondering if there’s a place to meet up with other postdocs/early career researchers?
  • Do you want to discuss what strategies your peers/more senior colleagues have evolved in order to strike a healthy work/life balance?
  • Do you feel you’d like to hear from others about their experiences of publishing, impact, etc?
  • Have you thought about how to retain the flexibility to pursue a non-academic career?

We can’t offer any definitive answers, but we welcome you to come to join us to discuss these questions and many more issues in a welcoming, collegial, and friendly environment!

The Early Career Convivium (ECC) is a supportive forum hosted by the Centre for Renaissance Studies that aims to bring together early career scholars from across the Humanities at Warwick to discuss various aspects of the early years of an academic career. Our monthly meetings have two aims: to hold an informal discussion of a proposed topic, and to create a community among early career academics. We also hope to foster dialogue across departments, and to provide support for newly arrived colleagues. Our plan is to meet monthly during term time. The one-hour meetings will consist of a short informal talk by a more senior scholar, followed by discussion, questions, and conversation over wine and nibbles. Following the meetings, conversation will continue at a campus pub over a pay-as-you-go dinner and drinks for whoever’s interested.

Planned topics include: the gap between PhD; from dissertation to book; work/life balance; research/administrative/teaching duties; transitioning from a PhD in Humanities to alternative academic paths (e.g. librarianship); taking time off from an academic career (and returning); grant applications; North-American vs UK vs European postdoc positions, and the differences in various job markets.

These meetings are open to any postdocs, early career teaching and research fellows, and interested members of staff. We very much encourage suggestions relating to possible topics, speakers, and format. While the meetings are hosted by the CSR, all scholars are welcome.


Dr. Bryan Brazeau (Liberal Arts),

Dr. Iman Sheeha (English/CSR),

Upcoming Sessions:
  • Wednesday, 8 November
    Prof. John T. Gilmore:
    Flexibility and Survival in Academia
  • Wednesday, 6 December
    Prof. Bernard Capp:
    Job applications and academic interviews
  • Tuesday, 12 December 10:00 a.m.- Dr. Liese Perrin: Postdoctoral Funding Opportunities in the Humanities
  • Wednesday, 31 January in Room H4.54
    Prof. Gary Watt:
    The Opportunities and Challenges of Interdisciplinarity
  • Thursday, 26 April in Room H4.50.
    Prof. Ingrid De Smet:
    Conferences, committees and societies: how important are extra-curricular activities?
  • Tuesday, 8 May in Room H4.50.
    Kate Courage:
    A Subject Librarian, by any other name...: careers in academic libraries
All sessions are in H4.50 and run from 17:00-18:30 unless otherwise indicated.