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Anna Gruber

I currently work in the sales department of Octopus Books, the illustrated non fiction branch of Hachette UK. Graduating from my Masters in 2011, I spent about six months in various work experience placements in the publishing industry, where I could learn a bit more about different departments and publishing houses. I ended up in the Sales department of Octopus because I really enjoyed the busy nature of the department, and the interaction with clients an customers on a daily basis appealed. Being in Sales also gives me the opportunity to travel a little more, and not be completely chained to my desk. It can be a demanding role, and there are daily problem solving tasks, usually involving missing orders. I really enjoy these! It is also a very analytical role, and there is a lot of research - not quite MA standard - but I have found myself using some of the tricks and skills I learnt during my Master's year. Spreadsheets are key! I am planning to move on to a more mixed bag of titles, when the opportunity presents itself. I would love to work with fiction as well as non fiction, and academic texts as well as more mass market titles. I do miss my university life, but I know there is always the option to return to studying in the future. Certainly one of the greatest lessons I took away from the Center for the Study of the Renaissance was that you are never too old to develop new passions and interests. Email:

gruber, anna