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Neo-Latin in the media

This page contains references to media attention (mainly in the UK and Ireland) given to Neo-Latin literature and culture. Suggestions for this page are welcome: please e-mail the page-owner.


George Buchanan - Not for Burning (Radio broadcast)

Sunday 22 October 2006 21:30-22:15 (BBC Radio 3)

Robert Crawford explores the life and works of Scotland's hot-tempered 16th-century poet and writer, a religious dissident whose works contributed to the downfall of Mary Queen of Scots. Feted across Europe in his day, Buchanan is now largely forgotten because he wrote in Latin.

Yasmin Haskell - What's so new about Neo-Latin? 

 20 October 2007

Yasmin Haskell, Casamarca Foundation Associate Professor in Latin Humanism at the University of Western Australia explores the history of Latin language. Originally just a local language of ancient Rome, Latin became the language of the Roman Empire and then the classical language of Europe. But a knowledge of its later usage -- as what is now called 'neo-Latin' -- by the Renaissance humanists, is essential to a proper understanding of our own culture and history. 

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The Mystery of the Origin of the Loci Communes and
Accompanying Notes in Neo-Latin
, by Phil Slattery