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[Spies] Race across the World virtual birthday party

With a birthday coming up for the son of a friend and Warwick colleague, Mark and I devised a '[Spies] Race across the World' themed party for twenty eight 8-11 year olds over Zoom. The challenge was simple: With a little input from 'M' and 'Q', race across the globe from city to city to find where the evil Dr Jobotnik is before he detonates a bomb. City names were passwords to navigate through a series of clues hosted on a google drive folder.

After some very positive feedback from this event, I ran it twice more - for another Birthday party, and for the families of my colleagues who have children of about the right age and family I hadn't seen in a long time.

Picture from the zoom call for the party

[Spies] Race across the World  (Covid Zoom Edition)   6 city challenges,  30 8-10 year olds,  …one Evil Dr Jobotnik

Dr Jobotnick's Answerphone message - a clip from one of the clues