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Friday Fun

Here's a Quiz to keep your Art-History skills moving!

It's very simple, if you've been to one of our famous History of Art parties you'll know what to do, and if that's a pleasure to come, then you'll be ready for it!

Send your answers to by 10th July and look out for the answers after that.

BTW, have you noticed our Live Chats? Your chance to talk about Art with the Experts, usually on a Wednesday at 5pm.

Number 4 Funnies: The Answers!

This is a set of humorous moments in medieval art, they made our ancestors laugh, but do they still work?

So, your task is to explain the joke, and see if you can identify where all of these are:

Let's start with an easy one:

No. 1.This is the balcony on St Mark's in Venice, and the mason turning out the balusters must have got fed up with carving straight ones.

No. 2. Conques, in France, the medieval mason had been told to have a couple of long scrolls in the arch and thought they needed people to hold them up.

No. 3. Nuremberg, shrine of St Sebald, Peter Vischer the Elder made this and decided that it would be wonderful to make it a slowly mobile object, why should shrines stay still?

No. 4. Lincoln Cathedral, entrance to the Fleming chapel, either a serious comment on the transience of life, represented by the snails munching on the leaves, or a mason fed up with carving leaves.

Similar idea, but not quite the same!

No. 5. This is my favourite, it's in Boston parish church in Lincolnshire ("The Stump"), and the jesters are playing bagpipes, only they're actually cats, a comment on the relative noises they both make?