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Option Module: Mediated Self Project

personIn this module you will identify the core principles of mediating the self in the 21st Century. Student life, work life, family life, love life, daily life is connected life and the ability to manage those connections with the mediated self as the nexus is a critical aspect in expanding opportunities, problem solving, decision making and networking.

What are the challenges and opportunities for digitally networked people who see themselves as emerging global citizens and wish to promote that through media and online?

The module will enable you to develop your understanding of strategies and activities undertaken by entrepreneurs of the mediated self who grow and build their online lives in a connected way through legacy and emergent modes. Looking at the different ways in which people exploit media, you will also consider how you are able to maximise your understanding of your profile.

How can you create a mediated self that will engage audiences, readers, viewers to convey your message and values?

The module will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to plan and execute a mediated self project and critically reflect upon your practice.

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