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Part Time Work

More than half of UK students take on paid jobs while at university, and many of our home and overseas students work part-time while they study here. As well as providing welcome funds, these jobs develop transferable skills and offer valuable experience, which can give you a head start in the graduate job market.

There is a variety of part-time work on campus, with flexible hours that you can fit around your studies. Our own employment agency, Unitemps, recruits for jobs on campus and in the local area. These could include office work, web design, helping front of house or backstage at the Arts Centre, or working in one of our shops, bars or cafés. You can also join the Warwick Welcome Service, which involves helping with recruitment events, such as University Open Days, and telling prospective students about life at Warwick. If you don’t want to work in term time, Unitemps also advertises holiday jobs, such as those supporting conferences run at the University over the vacation.

Student Callers

As a Student Caller you will contact Warwick graduates to find out what they’ve been up to since they graduated, let them know about the latest Warwick news and events and encourage them to make a donation to the university. Being a Student Caller gives you the chance to develop your skills in communication, teamwork, lateral thinking and negotiation.

The Students' Union

Working at the Students' Union is a great way to make new friends while you’re earning some extra money. You can get a part-time job in one of the many cafés and bars – or join the crew in the Entertainments Department.

The Local Area

Many students (particularly second and third years who tend to live off campus) have jobs close to where they're living. There are good opportunities to work in bars, shops and for customer service employers in and around Coventry and Leamington Spa.

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