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CMPS Online Publications (1996-2007)

From 1996 to 2007, the Centre published an online series of peer-reviewed research papers. These tended to be specialist studies and reports, which aimed to cover more ground than was possible in a standard journal article. Although this series has been discontinued, due to the many other publishing outlets that are now available, papers that were published in the series are still in demand and can be downloaded free of charge in PDF format below.

1. Nobuko Kawashima, Planning for Equality? Decentralisation in Cultural Policy pdf file (738 KB) (1996; revised ed. 2004)

2. Oliver Bennett, Cultural Policy and the Crisis of Legitimacy: Entrepreneurial Answers in the United Kingdom (1996)

3. Nobuko Kawashima, Museum Mangagement in a Time of Change: impacts of cultural policy on museums in Britain, 1979-1997 pdf file (1.37 KB) (1997)

4. Chris Bilton, The New Adhocracy: strategy, risk and the small creative firm pdf file (716 MB) (1999)

5. Nobuko Kawashima, The Making of a Programme Diary: A Study into the Programming of Arts Presentation at Arts Centres in Britain  (PDF Document) (596 KB) (1999)

6. Nobuko Kawashima, Beyond the Division of Attenders vs. Non-attenders: a study into audience development in policy and practice pdf file (997 KB) (2000)

7. Jeremy Ahearne, Between Cultural Theory and Policy: the cultural policy thinking of Pierre Bourdieu, Michel de Certeau and Regis Debray pdf file (1.09 MB) (2004)

8. Eleonora Belfiore, The Methodological Challenge of Cross-National Research: comparing cultural policy in Britain and Italy pdf file (556 KB) (2004)

9. Jonathan Vickery, The Emergence of Culture-led Regeneration: A policy concept and its discontents (PDF Document) (727 KB) (2007)


In 2006 Eleonora Belfiore and Oliver Bennett published a shorter, earlier version of the manuscript for The Social Impact of the Arts: An intellectual history as a CCPS publication with the title 'Rethinking the social impact of the arts: a critical-historical review'. The publication is no longer available to download, having now been superceded by the expanded version published in 2008 by Palgrave.